Sunday, December 9, 2012

Episode 1.09 You Do It To Yourself


  1. Hello! Congratulations on your site! Very ambitious, good! I see why you went with this wallpaper, but the colors are a little too floral, maybe something more black and red, or with some type of Union Jack/U.S. flag mashup? I love the show, and how the producers are taking time to develoop the characters. It's easier to have a Sherlock fully formed when you only have 3 movies a year; with 20+ for X number of years, it makes more sense to build. I think when they finally introduse Prof. Moriarity, it'll kick up the show a few notches (maybe that's the post-Superbowl show!) Good luck with the site and podcast!

  2. thanks so much for the feedback. we are having difficulty getting the podcast going. but maybe after the holidays we can kick it off. I enjoy the characters alot, but are you having difficulty following the dialog? I think the sound quality is lacking.